There are three basic challenges to getting your head around Keel.

1. Keel is not a framework.
2. Keel is a great framework.
3. Keel is an app - no - Keel is a service.

Brain Twister Number 1:

Keelframework is not a framework.

Before you start cracking jokes about Zen Buddism and the sound of one hand clapping, allow us to explain.   It's a meta-framework.  It connects things from many different frameworks, without necessarily duplicating or overriding the frameworks own innate functionality. So you don't have to think about "Keel vs Turbine" or "Keel vs OSCore". Instead, it's "Keel and Turbine", "Keel and OSCore", that kind of thing.   It could even be argued that Keel is nothing at all, as it can be used with any combination of servic