provides customized application services solutions and information management services that translate into real business advantage. Our solutions are based on the belief that sound business decisions should drive every technology initiative. We combine fundamental business savvy with deep technical expertise to provide services that yield measurable, predictable benefits.

Moreover, our solutions are built on a foundation of open, standards-based technologies that free our clients from reliance on proprietary approaches. It is our firm belief that software ownership conveys the right to modify, extend, and maintain the purchased software. This philosophy ensures the highest degree of security and flexibility. We utilize high quality open source software components and software packages in order to provide our clients with excellent value, performance, flexibility, and total control over their products.

PlatinumSolutions and our partners also offer a wide range of support contracts to ensure that our clients always have reliable product support and training options.


is a Bahamian firm that operates in the offshore software development industry, specializing in Java(TM) Web Applications. Our team has well over 20 years expertise in software development. JGlobal is currently developing a line of web applications based on the Keel meta-framework. Training courses and consulting services on a number of open source projects including Keel are also provided by JGlobal.

JGlobal's committment and mission is to ensure the quality of our software meets the requirements that today's web environment demands. Our software can be extended to grow as your needs grow. Our development is done from the ground up to ensure extensibility so that our client's needs are met - for now and for the future.


is a boutique firm specializing in the automation of business processes.  A focus on bottom line business results rather than the techology fad of the day makes the Keel meta-framework a perfect match for our practice.
Pete Carapetyan, datafundamentals principal, is a Keel founder and sometimes very active contributor to the Keel meta-framework.

DataFundamentals is known world-wide among a very small group of open source enthusiasts as creator and sponsor of webAppWriter, an on line tool for creating Expresso applications. This application has been active public use for the last three years, and has created thousands of applications.

Current contracts are focused almost exclusively on custom automation tools for previoulsy hobbled development organizations. Several have resulted in hundreds of thousands of lines of generated code. Not only less costly, it is also more consistent and reliable than the handwritten code it replaces.


Corporate Support:

You are not betting your company when you adopt Keel.

There are already several commercial/govermental installations using the Keel meta-framework, with paid commercial support backing them up.

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