Below are some of the testimonials written by users of the Keel meta-framework project.

Keel contributors are focussed on the development and progress of the project and hence we don't actively solicit testimonials - although we should :) We encourage anyone with a testimonial they care to share to and we will gladly add it to this list.

Great for application development!

I work at the Naval Safety Center as a contractor. They had me come on board to help get their development staff rolling on their new web applications. They wanted to go down the "Java road" but not one of their people had any real experience with Java.

They have now been using Keel for a few weeks and are doing great. I think that if a framework can enable a group of 13 new Java programmers and make them effective, then TWO THUMBS UP to it.

Once you get the hang of this increadible tool, you can boost your productivity so much. The separation of concerns enables you to not worry about what is going on behind the scenes (unless you want to) and lets you concentrate on what you need to concentrate on, the business logic.

This is a definate to have in your "little bag of tools."

Jeff Richley
June 21st, 2003

Our firm very pleased with Keel Framework

Our firm started using the Keel framework in December 2002, and we have been able to develop both a web application using struts as UI, and a publishing application using Cocoon (going live in 3 weeks!).

Because Keel follows the Avalon component framework, both Cocoon and struts share the exact same middle tier business logic, allowing massive code re-use. In fact, we made a marketing decision to add a publishing application only in March, and our choice of Keel was critical in being able to create an application so quickly.

Also impressive about Keel is the speed with which its functionality has expanded since we chose Keel last December: Lucene search engine, Axis web services, Velocity UI, quartz job scheduler, AntEater functional test suite, Criteria/query iterative searching. This is because it integrates pre-existing "best of breed" components, rather than developing from scratch, and uses nightly automated regression testing.


Eliot Clingman
Audit Integrity
June 9th, 2003

Below are some of the deployments of the Keel meta-framework project that we are aware of.

We encourage any users of the Keel meta-framework project, to about your deployment and we'll be pleased to add you to this listing.

* US Navy - Naval Safety Center

* Audit Integrity Inc.


Below are some of the applications built on the Keel meta-framework project that we are aware of.

We encourage anyone who has built projects based on the Keel meta-framework project, to about your project and we'll be pleased to add you to this listing.

Tempest Strings Enterprises: Spider

Tempest Strings Enterprises: Beeper

Tempest Strings Enterprises: Naiban

also listed at:

Codigo Livre: Keel Example


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