a highly extensible backbone for integrating Java projects
Fleshed out and ready to use.

As a keel to a ship, Keel Framework stabilizes the waters of open source development.

Keel Group Limited Launches Keel 2.0!    
Keel now brings together the power of Avalon, Cocoon, Struts, Hibernate, Velocity, WebWork2, Axis, Maverick, JBoss, OpenJMS, Turbine, Lucene, BSF, Jelly, JFreeChart, Quartz and more!

Corporate Support:
There are several commercial and government installations that utilize the Keel meta-framework with commercial support backing them up. When you adopt Keel you are in the company of a range of commercial and governmental entities including:

Parks & Recreation Departments
The Keel meta-framework is utilized by over 27 Parks & Recreation departments across the U.S. responsible for the management of thousands of municipal properties.

BluFace Ecommerce
BlueFace Ecommerce is a startup e-commerce platform that offers individuals and small businesses the opportunity to create an e-commerce page without any technical know-how.

FFA Media
A startup tech company that develops and operates web-based assets focusing on social networking. They?re known for developing some of the highest traffic free local hookup sites on the web.